Automation Solutions


LIGHTING Lighting exactly as you like it

Think you forgot to turn off your lights off? Weather you’re at work or vacation, its possible you turn them on or off or program scenes and schedule to safe money, extend bulb lifetime and save energy.

  • Derive complete control over lighting throughout your business’ location to improve security while also contributing to savings on your energy bill.
  • Control interior and outdoor lights, including building signage. Even program lights to illuminate exit pathways during an alarm.
  • Automatically set lighting levels based on occupancy, time, or event. Unused lights will turn off when leaving the building and restore automatically upon return.


Customers Will Note The Ambience

Fine dining environment? Easily set lighting to emphasize points of interest such as artwork or furnishings. Limit mingling areas by lighting only the rooms or sections meant for gathering. And when business closes for the night, press one button for overnight settings.

You will be impressed with the versatility and capabilities of the lighting technology. Make the impossible possible.”